Domeniile Alexandrion Rhein 1892

Domeniile Alexandrion Rhein 1892  winery is a blend of history, tradition, experience and passion, dating back to 1892.

About Us

Our Winery in Tohani is one of the biggest cellars of Dealu Mare region, with a processing capacity of 5000 tones and a storage capacity of 37900 hl, 500 oak barriques.

Our Winery

Rhein & Cie Azuga 1892 Cellars, Sparkling wine production and a popular destination for Wine Tourism, is considered the oldest location in the country where sparkling wine has been produced without interruption, through the traditional method, since 1892. 

Rhein & Cie Azuga 1892 Cellars

Domeniile Alexandrion Rhein 1892 winery is successfully capitalizing on the potential and diversity of Romania’s most prominent wine regions, owning over 255 hectares of vineyards in Dealu Mare (Big Hill) and other wine regions. 

Our Vineyards


Dealu Mare (or Big Hill), located within Dealurile Munteniei (Muntenia’s Hills) wine region, has deep roots in the history of the region which is called the “land of red wines”. The typical warm, dry microclimate and the rather long autumns favours a slow and thorough ripening of the grapes. 

There is a long vegetation time of 210-240 days with a maximum humidity of 55-80%. The soil here is strewn with marine fossils and the grapes enjoy the perfect combination of warm days and cool nights.

Since 1892
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